Star jumps or something?

So I should start how I mean to go on… which is honestly. I have never ever liked sport, or health or fitness. I love food, particularly anything sugary, I love sleeping and and being comfortable and not pushing my body to its absolute limits. BUT I realise that, not only are choosing to indulge those loves are not good life choices. As I grow older (I am currently at the ripe old age of 21) I am learning that even the smallest choices that I make on a daily basis can have big effect on my life, and it is these decisions that form the basis of this blog.
I will be seeing this blog as a very open and real recording of my physical progress and each blog, post and picture, will be a small celebration of not choosing to stay on the couch! My passions however, obviously, stretch further than sleeping and cake, so be prepared for this blog to take strange detours into adventures, make-up, skincare, music, cooking, and any other element of my life that I would like to share.
This blog however, is primarily an exploration of fitness and health, so here is a quick rundown of my sporting resume (heads up, its brief):
I reached a brown belt in a form of chinese kickboxing named San Shou Kwan. (reasons why I only got to brown belt will come in a later blog post… cliffhangers already!)

I am now just boxing, but more regularly and with more passion.

I go to the gym and do weight training when I get the chance.

So I am by no means your standard health and fitness instagram-perfect, or health- obsessed gym blogger, I certainly do not have the perfect body or all the answers for how to attain that, so for now, I can’t really offer my readers expertise.
However, for readers of my blog, I can recommend genuine experiences, probably several reports of learning through my mistakes (I make them so you don’t have to!), interesting ways of keeping myself and yourself motivated, how to be healthy on a budget and, if it appeals, an online gym buddy. So if you are reading this sat on the couch watching yet another episode of How I Met Your Mother, half considering getting up and doing something, or pinning several pictures of ‘Legs Bums and Tums’ workouts on pinterest, absolutely sure you’ll get up before work and do them tomorrow, hopefully, reading this blog will help be the small realistic push to get you moving and we can make our differences together!
If you are reading this and even remotely interested in seeing a uni student’s fitness journey, expect posts like, once a week (actually, maybe don’t expect them, hope for them- that way, you wont be as disappointed if I forget!)
And for now, ummm…. get up and do some star jumps or something?
A xx